Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Natural Resources -To use or not to use

When helping individuals and groups to understand why they take certain stances when it comes to a particular change, consultants and coaches can turn to Basic Values Charts. See more at: bottom of the page.

For example, the values continuium upon which decisions to use or save natural resources will be made. Florence Kluckhohn, anthropologist, described how human beings orient themselves to nature, accepting that nature exists to serve humankind, or that humankind is subservient to nature, the middle ground being harmony with nature. How an individual orients him or herself along this “orientation” determines whether or not we save natural resources for the future or use them now. The decision is also influenced by how we think about people. If we think that people are basically out for themselves then it is incumbent upon us to make sure we have our piece of the pie. If we feel that people are basically good it is incumbent upon us to share nature’s bounty without destroying it for future generations. The beliefs each one of us have on these two continuums are usually unconscious, so unconsciousness that many of us never take a stand, we leave it to others. If we can help clients become articulate in voicing their values ground, they can become a part of the decision makering process and can more easily defend their rational for the conclusions they make.

The non-trend trend toward cleaner vehicles

A " Fuel Cell Today 2006 Worldwide Survey" was made just last year to show the growth of fuel cell use. Fuel Cells for small electronic divices is the largest area growing area. This means that computers and other small appliances, like telephones, hand-held computers etc are able to run from hydrogen.

Honda has a small version they are developing that can be used to warm water and heat a home as well as to fuel a hydrogen car. This is exciting and if it catches on it could mean that homes could be independent when it comes to heating and hot water. If it could also provide electricity for the home there would be less problems during the heavy storms predicted by global warming. Brown-outs and black-outs would be, in the beginning, only a problem for the poor. That could be easily solved by inclusion of solar power to run fuel cell equiptment. It appears that is the way we are heading.