Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ties Between Memory and Imagination

"I remember the winter when it didn't start to snow until March. It was a long way between the out house and the cottage and it was cold.... "

“Psychologists use fMRI to Understand Ties between Memories and the Imagination?”

A theory of memory states that recalling the past uses the same neurological pathways as envisioning the future. Therefore, scientists think that if one cannot remember the past, it is very hard to envision the future. If one does not have memories of their own, it is still possible to substitute the general knowledge we have of the world around us, researchers found. Retelling of memories includes physical, visual and other memory fragments related to just that memory. Sitting around with good friends is the right time to exercise you story telling. You know how some people tell stories about the time something embarrassing happened to them and they laugh at themselves and how funny they were? That is one way to build up your memory. There doesn't have to be a joke at the end, it could be sad, or an experience you learned from, that you relate to others. Try to put in the details that make the story more memorable. Another time think about a time in the future and how you would like things to be. If it is a future that isn't just about you, but about your community, country, the world, and it is generally positive, then you are creating a vision of the future. Creating future visions gives you something to work towards. It provides material for future dreams and successes. Good Luck!