Monday, November 3, 2008

”The Future: Collecting Solar Energy at Night

Just imagine the consequences of affordable "solar" technology that could produce electricity from internal light sources, light bulbs of all kinds, TV and computer screens, night lights and daylight within the room, as well as from infra-red light waves at night and the sun of course! Since the collection technology could be printed on wall paper, any smooth surface, indoors or out, you would have enough energy even on the cloudiest days. Let us assume that the above describes the existing situation. What might some consequences be? 1. Light which creates light which creates light (perpetual light machine?). 2. Dwelling energy independence 3. No restrictions on energy use 4. Demand for electric cars
And the consequences of number 1, Light which creates light: a. cities bright as day at night, b. the disappearance of electric saving appliances c. a portable computer that creates it's own electricity by shining all night on an electric converter pad. The consequences of number 2, Dwelling energy independence: a. homeless who use outdoor energy to light and warm their shelter, b. No more electric companies c. dams diminish.
Now that I have done two, do two for yourself. Try discovering the consequences of the consequences. Somewhere there you have the future of solar power in the long-range future.